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BraveBrew - Your Premium Partner For Sustainability and Enjoyment

Making the World a Little Better With Every Sip

#FairFarming: Premium coffee for a good start to the day

Handcrafted and prepared with the utmost care, our premium coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. Our #FairFarming is a harmoniously mild coffee that entices with tart chocolate and hazelnut notes, smells of fresh bread crust and delights with its balanced body and low acidity. It is of medium intensity and consists of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans. Perfect for Caffè Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Flat White and Latte Macchiato. This high-quality coffee is ideal for companies that want to strengthen their reputation as a responsible employer and reward their employees with special quality. It symbolizes sustainable consumption and fair conditions.

#EmPower: Alcohol-free to combat the midday low

#EmPower is an alcohol-free, naturally flavored malt beverage (0.0% alcohol by volume), enriched with maca extract (250 g per can) for mental and physical vitality. Maca is the powerful superfood from the highlands of Peru. Known for its positive properties, maca is not only valued as a natural booster for mental activities, but also helps to relieve stress, excessive demands and mental tension. Treat your team to a taste experience that is not only refreshing, but also promotes well-being and has a social impact.

From #Freedom to #OneLove: your perfect after-work companion

Specializing in light beers with just 2.5% alcohol and 50% fewer calories, our bavarian craft beers are ideal for the after-work moment with colleagues or a company party. We have something to suit every taste: light beer, festival beer, pale ale, dark ale, wheat ale - our varieties are as diverse as our employees.

#RainForest: If it takes a little longer

Caffeinated energy drink with the addition of 4 vitamins. The increased caffeine content (30 mg/100 ml) provides the necessary boost when it takes longer - available with and without sugar.

Sustainability and social commitment

At BraveBrew, we believe that companies like yours can play a vital role in shaping a better world. Our products have been carefully selected and crafted to not only taste great, but also to represent your company values. By choosing BraveBrew products, you become an integral part of our mission. For every can of beer or package of coffee you purchase from us, we donate 5% to organizations of your choice. With BraveBrew, you decide which charitable projects we support. This partnership enables you to easily and effectively implement sustainability and social responsibility in your company.

Your vote matters

BraveBrew - your partner for quality, sustainability and social responsibility.
By choosing BraveBrew, you are not only choosing high quality products, but also making a contribution to a more peaceful society. Your commitment supports the development of a more sustainable future and promotes social initiatives around the world. Together we can change the world and show your employees or customers that your company is ready to take responsibility.

What companies say

Daniel Günther - COO Fairrank GmbH
The order process was very smooth. I am particularly impressed by the designs of the can labels and the fact that BraveBrew is committed to good causes. You can tell from the product and everything around it that a lot of heart and soul is invested here. The feedback from our employees is consistently positive.
Fabia Horn - Executive at ifm
Beers from BraveBrew are the perfect choice for an after-work event with colleagues. It combines Bavarian brewing tradition with social commitment and also impresses with its unique designs. A real treat for all beer connoisseurs!
Peter Schober - CEO Altavia Deutschland GmbH
BraveBrews premium coffee has made a deep impression on me. Thanks to the personal advice of a founder who worked on a Colombian farm himself, I not only experience outstanding quality, but also noticeable dedication and commitment in every cup. An experience that tells an extraordinary story.
Markus Hermes - Co-Founder Ruhrkraft GmbH
Refreshing drink, great purpose and, according to our staff, an indispensable part of the fridge. BraveBrew supports our environmentally conscious minimum and carries it into our company through daily contact with consumption.

Do you have any questions?

Every month, we donate 5% of our sales to selected organizations and give our customers the opportunity to choose where their share goes. This allows us to respond directly to world events and make a difference.
Our customers can vote on which organizations we should support. Each month we present a list of charitable organizations that are eligible for a donation that month. Our customers can vote for one or more organizations or even suggest other organizations. At the end of the month, we evaluate the voting results and distribute our donations accordingly. However, we reserve the right to ignore fraudulent organization suggestions and not to allocate donations under 10 EUR. We value transparency and want to ensure that our customers know how their donations are being used. That's why we publish an overview on this page every month of the organizations we have supported and how the donations have been distributed. This way you can see how your voice and your donation are helping to make the world a better place. Thank you for supporting us in making a positive change in the world!
All beginnings are difficult. We are currently in the process of building up our business and are therefore ONLY delivering within Germany for the time being. But we are already working on 36 other countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States. We are currently unable to ship alcoholic beer to: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. We only ship cans for the time being. These are easy to label and particularly easy to ship worldwide. Keg deliveries are also possible for regional (large) customers.
For the time being, we're only supplying you with cans, because the BraveBrew moment doesn't happen in an anonymous glass, but only when the ingenious BraveBrew design is on the table and the neighboring table wonders, "What have they got there that's delicious? I want that too!
Increase collegial cohesion and identification with your brand. Check out our customized designs in the store. Whether for a company party, a wedding or in honor of an important person, the unique BraveBrew design will make every moment unforgettable.
We deliver your desired quantity fully automatically at a fixed interval. This reduces your operational costs and maximizes your employee satisfaction.
We offer major customers volume-dependent major customer discounts (up to 25 %) and special account settings. You can also participate in the loyalty program.