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Beverages For The Brave - #1

Beverages With Uncomfortable Names

Beverages For The Brave

Welcome to BraveBrew. Our beverages stand for a fairer, more balanced and more diverse world. That's why they are named after human rights and why we always donate 5% to NGOs. You can have a say in which ones, because you matter too! Swipe left for more.

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Beers are very tasty and BraveBrew's purpose is outstanding. — Amélie, Paris, France
A better world matters to me a lot. That's why I support BraveBrew. — Anne, Berlin, Germany
Pleasant and unique taste that is both refreshing and powerful. — Fabian, Zurich, Switzerland
Are a good choice for those who are looking for something new and exciting. — Cindy, Cologne, Germany
The design of the cans is simply brilliant. — Alun, London, UK

Our Story

Reinforce the voice of the brave.
We are Benjamin, Daniel and Sebastian. We had the chance to invest in a real Bavarian brewery in 2023, and that's exactly what we did. But we didn't want to be just another pilsner or lager, we wanted to do something special. And because we've all had our experiences as fathers, husbands and people in society, it was clear that we wanted to improve things here. That's why our beveragers are named after human rights and environmental protection issues, because that's important to us and because we want to make a difference here. Even if statistically we don't belong to minorities or marginalized groups ourselves. But that doesn't mean that we can't contribute to making a difference.
Meet #OneLoveMeet #OneLove
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Meet #OneLove

Our Mission

Beverages with uncomfortable names.
At BraveBrew, our mission is to craft the highest quality beverages while empowering our customers to support human rights and environmental organizations that are meaningful to them. We're committed to making a positive impact, which is why we donate 5% of our monthly sales to carefully selected organizations. We believe in giving our customers a voice in this process, which is why we allow them to vote on where their share of the donation should go. This means that they can take action in response to world events and actively contribute to the causes that matter most to them. This allows them to respond immediately to world events and actively make an impact where needed.
Meet #EqualityMeet #Equality
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Meet #Equality

Our Vision

A better future for all of us.
At BraveBrew, we envision a world where companies not only prioritize profit but also prioritize social responsibility. We believe in a future where businesses work towards creating positive change and actively contribute to building a sustainable and equitable society. Our goal is to be a catalyst for this change by setting an example in our industry through our commitment to human rights, environmental protection, and empowering our customers to make a difference. We strive to create a world where every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential and where our beverages not only brings people together but also serves as a force for good in the world.
Meet #FreedomMeet #Freedom
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Meet #Freedom

How we donate

At BraveBrew, we believe in a better world and doing our part in making it happen.
That's why BraveBrew donates 5% of our monthly revenue to non-profit organizations that work for human rights and environmental protection. But we don't just want to donate - we also want to ensure that our donations are effective and make a real difference. Each month, we present a carefully selected list of organizations that are eligible for a donation. By voting, you can ensure that your voice is heard and that the causes you care about receive support. You can even suggest new organizations to be added to the list. We're committed to making a real difference, and we believe that every vote counts. At the end of each month, BraveBrew carefully analyzes the voting results and distributes their donations to the organizations that received the most support. As advocates of transparency, we want you to know exactly how your contributions are being utilized. That's why we publish a detailed overview every month, showing which organizations we supported and how the donations were distributed. Your vote and your donation play a crucial role in creating a better world, and we're committed to keeping you informed about the impact we're making together.
Meet #GreenFutureMeet #GreenFuture
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Meet #GreenFuture

Your Vote Makes the Difference

Meet #BeYouTifulMeet #BeYouTiful
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Meet #BeYouTiful

Why do we love canes?

Superior Freshness
Cans offer a hermetic seal, keeping oxygen and light out. A study conducted by the Journal of the Institute of Brewing found that beer in cans experiences less exposure to oxygen and light, which can degrade the flavor and freshness of the product. This results in a longer shelflife and a better tasting beer experience.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Aluminum cans are about 16 times lighter than glass bottles of the same size, which means less fuel is needed to transport them. In fact, a study by the Aluminum Association found that cans generate 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime compared to glass bottles.
Better Space Efficiency
A study by the European Container Glass Federation found that cans take up 40% less space than glass bottles during transportation, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.
Higher Recycling rates
According to Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), the recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans in Germany marked 99.2% in 2019. The German Federal Environment Agency also reported that the recycling rate for glass containers (both one-way and returnable) only hit 83.1% in 2019
Higher Resource Efficiency
According to the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), producing a can from recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy than manufacturing a new can from raw materials. This means that using our recycled aluminum cans greatly reduces energy consumption and conserves resources
Faster Chilling Speed
A study in the Journal of Food Engineering found that aluminum cans cool down approximately twice as fast as glass bottles, allowing you to enjoy a cold, refreshing beer sooner. This saves energy!
Higher Durability
Cans are less prone to breakage than glass bottles, leading to lower product loss during transportation and handling. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, the average breakage rate for glass bottles in the beverage industry is around 1–2%, while aluminum cans have a significantly lower breakage rate.
Meet #Women's RightsMeet #Women's Rights
Generally available, sometimes sold out

Meet #Women's Rights

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We brew in Naila, a beautiful German town in northern Bavaria. The history of the brewery dates back to the year 1464. However, our headquarter is located in the cathedral city of Cologne, in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). This is where we organize our worldwide activities. We have a pick-up warehouse in the Cologne Sudstadt at Merowingerstr. 9, 50677 Cologne.
Our office
BraveBrew c/o WeWork Pilgrimstr. 6 50674 Cologne, (NRW, Germany)


The history ...
... of the brewery dates back to the year 1464, even though there is nothing left from that time.
The heart ...
... of the brewery, a steam heated brewing kettle, produces a net output of 10,500 liters per brew and can run 3 brews per day.
The total tank capacity ...
... on 3 levels is sized for a total annual output of 100,000 hecto liters (i.e., 10 million liters).